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Welding processing of stainless steel structural parts
  • Welding processing of stainless steel structural parts

Welding processing of stainless steel structural parts

Choose the right type of driving roller in aluminum welding and aluminum alloy welding. It helps to prevent wire feed when aluminum wire is sent to the weld. Most of the above problems will lead to peak shaving of aluminum wire due to poor installation and wrong design of driving roller. After peak shaving, the inner liner of welding gun will be blocked and the free flow of wire will be restricted. The U-groove drive roller designed for aluminum can be installed in the wire feeder. The V-groove driving roller will compress and deform the aluminum wire, which will cause unstable arc state。

The welding process of stainless steel structure parts carefully arranges the driving rollers in a row, and always keeps the driving roller pressure required for continuous wire feeding. Regular maintenance and regular replacement of wear parts, including drive rolls, liners and inlet guides, also help prevent wire feed problems. Using push-pull wire feeder or slide gun can reach the level of Zuijia wire transmission。

The vast majority of push-pull wire feeders have two liners: a guide liner, which can last longer, and a head tube bushing in the slide gun can prevent rapid wear and tear of the sliding gun. Replace these two pads regularly in case of sudden blockage one day。

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