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Sheet metal shell processing
  • Sheet metal shell processing

Sheet metal shell processing

Sheet metal processing process

For any sheet metal parts, there is a processing process, which we call the process flow. The process flow of sheet metal processing is as follows:

  There are many kinds of blanking for sheet metal parts processing, among which the main methods are as follows: shearing machine blanking: cutting parts by shearing machine, which is mainly for die blanking and forming, preparation and processing, with low cost and accuracy less than 0.2 Blanking of punch press: using the punch press to form various shapes of sheet metal after expanding the part on the plate in one or more steps,It has the advantages of short working time, high precision, low cost and high efficiency, which is suitable for mass production; laser cutting: using laser cutting technology, the structural shape of the flat plate can be cut out first on the large plate, but the laser program needs to be compiled, which can lower various complex shape plate parts with high cost and accuracy less than 0.1 mm; sawing machine cutting: mainly used for aluminum profiles, square tubes, and other parts Drawing tube, round bar material and so on, low cost, low precision。

  The bending of sheet metal parts processing is to fold 2D flat parts into 3D parts. Under the pressure of the upper die or the lower die of the bending machine, the sheet metal first undergoes the "elastic deformation", and then enters the "plastic deformation". In the initial stage of plastic bending, the sheet metal is free bending. With the increase of the pressure of the upper die or the lower die on the sheet metal, the sheet metal and the inner surface of the V-groove of the lower die gradually close, and the radius of curvature and the bending arm of the lower die gradually decrease. The pressure is continued until the end of the stroke, so that the upper and lower die and the plate are in full contact at three points. At this time, a V-shaped bending is completed。
  Its processing needs to be completed by a folding machine and the corresponding bending die. It also has a bending sequence. The principle is that if the next knife does not interfere, it will fold after interference。

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