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Precision sheet metal manufacturing customization
  • Precision sheet metal manufacturing customization

Precision sheet metal manufacturing customization

Sheet metal is for sheet metal (usually less than 6 mm) - a comprehensive cold working process, including shearing, punching / cutting / compounding, folding, riveting, splicing, forming (such as automobile body), etc. Complex non-uniform section shapes from different simple surfaces. Stretch forming can form parts with high precision and smooth surface. Ductile materials are good. Aluminum, steel and titanium are commonly used. Typical stretching forms part of a large curved panel such as a door panel in an aircraft, car or wing panel. Other stretch formed parts can be found in window frames and shells. Lode CNC machining sheet metal manufacturing parts price concessions do not affect the beauty
The force in the forming process of a sheet metal part applies a piece of metal to modify its geometry instead of deleting any material. The applied external force exceeds the yield strength of the material, which causes plastic deformation of the material, but does not fail. By doing so. The plate can be bent or stretched into various complex shapes. Sheet metal forming process mainly includes the following aspects: bending, roll forming, spinning, drawing and drawing
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