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Manufacturing of stainless steel cabinet parts
  • Manufacturing of stainless steel cabinet parts

Manufacturing of stainless steel cabinet parts

Detailed description of stainless steel cabinet parts manufacturing:

  Stainless steel cabinet is generally made of cold-rolled stainless steel plate, which is used to store computer, power or related control equipment. It can protect the stored equipment and shield electromagnetic interference. It has some excellent characteristics, such as high strength, high wear resistance, superior corrosion resistance and not easy to rust. Placed outdoors, it can resist the challenge of natural environment such as wind, sun, rain and so on, and protect the stored equipment。
  The manufacturing of stainless steel cabinet parts can be divided into stainless steel server cabinet, stainless steel network cabinet, stainless steel console cabinet, stainless steel power cabinet cabinet, etc。
  Stainless steel cabinet parts manufacturing is a whole board cabinet, its side plate is a whole steel plate bending forming. This kind of cabinet has good rigidity and strength and is suitable for heavy or general equipment. But because the side plate is not removable, it is not convenient to assemble and maintain. The structure of the stainless steel bending column cabinet is similar to that of the profile cabinet, while the column is formed by bending the steel plate. The rigidity and strength of the cabinet are suitable for general equipment。
  According to different work needs, stainless steel cabinet can also be installed with other accessories to meet the requirements of the working environment。

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