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Manufacture of stainless steel cabinet
  • Manufacture of stainless steel cabinet

Manufacture of stainless steel cabinet

According to the main characteristics of the methods used by domestic and foreign design scholars to design the shape of mechanical products, we summarize the processing methods of small batch streamlined stainless steel cabinet into four types。
  (1) Die stamping method. For the manufacturing and processing of stainless steel cabinet with complex structure, the traditional processing methods and processes have been unable to achieve. This requires the manufacture of hardware mold, through blanking die blanking, forming die stamping molding. The cabinet with simple shape and small volume can be formed by stamping at one time. The box with complex shape and large volume can be divided into several parts, which can be pressed and formed respectively, and then realized by welding, bolt connection and assembly。
  (2) In the simple forming bending method, the flat sheet metal forms bending crack stop groove through proper cutting, and then forms bending surfaces of various angles by pressing concave convex cutting tools. Each bending surface is enclosed into different boxes. The joints are connected by full welding, spot welding, fillet welding or lap welding. This is the traditional method of sheet metal processing。
  (3) Comprehensive connection method. It is mainly used in the processing of sheet metal workpiece with variable cross-section, especially the sheet metal processing of some curved surfaces. In general, the surface of sheet metal with variable cross-section needs to be divided into curved parts with different features, and then the curved parts with different features are processed by classification. For example, the units for stamping die processing, manufacturing simple processing tooling, simple bending processing, curve blanking and welding are needed, and then these units are spliced into a whole。
  (4) For the cabinet with large volume and complex shape, block welding and wire repair is a good method to save processing cost. Pay attention to the process principle of segmentation in block processing to ensure the beauty and strength of splicing after segmentation processing。
  It is not unrealistic to adopt streamline appearance design in stainless steel cabinet manufacturing. After the above analysis, we can draw a positive conclusion that it can be further implemented。

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