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CNC punch parts
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CNC punch parts

It is convenient to use CNC punch parts. Save the cost of mold opening. CNC turret punch press (NCT) is a kind of pressure treatment equipment which integrates mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic. It is used for processing various metal plate parts. It can perform all kinds of complex hole processing, shallow deep drawing can automatically complete the part processing at one time.
CNC turret punch is the most important type of pressure processing equipment. CNC punch can not only process holes of various sizes and pitch according to the requirements, but also can use small punch to punch large round hole, square hole, waist hole and bending contour of various shapes in one step. Special processing, such as blinds, shallow drawing, counterbore, flanging, rib, embossing, etc. Compared with the traditional stamping, CNC punch saves a lot of mold cost. It can use low cost and short cycle time to process small batch and diversified products. varieties。
High precision and stable quality. CNC punching machine has high punching accuracy, small burr, good flatness, small subsequent processing, low reject rate and high molding quality. The machining dimensional accuracy of multiple presses can generally reach 0.1 mm, and the product size consistency is good. The machine can process workpieces individually or in batches with group commands to improve productivity. The speed of CNC punch is fast. The stroke speed of ordinary hydraulic equipment can reach 500 to 600 times / min, and some can even reach 900 times / min。The maximum positioning speed can reach more than 100 mm. For large size plates, it can be processed in one process, which is different from the traditional process, which requires multiple processes and is processed on many different devices. In order to save the production preparation time, we only need to change the NC program when we change the parts of NC punch. It has higher requirements for the quality of operators and higher technical requirements for maintenance personnel

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