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CNC precision sheet metal bending
  • CNC precision sheet metal bending

CNC precision sheet metal bending

CNC precision sheet metal bending processing: stamping process can be divided into separation process and forming process (bending, drawing, forming) two categories. The separation process is to separate the stamping part and the blank along a certain contour line in the stamping process, and the quality of the separated section of the stamping part should also meet the certain requirements; the forming process is to make the stamping blank plastic deformation under the condition of no damage, and transform it into the required finished product shape, and also meet the requirements of dimensional tolerance and other aspects.
The mold selection should try to select the one-time Machinable mold to ensure the processing quality o (for example, for processing 28x28mm notch, smaller square mold can be used for multiple processing, or rectangular mold can be used for processing, but the tool needs to be changed. 30x30 square die can be selected for one-time processing, so as to reduce the number of tool change, reduce the step punch line, and improve efficiency and quality). If flanging hole can not be finished at one time, it can be divided into two steps: pre punching bottom hole and punching flanging hole, and the die size should be reasonably selected.
CNC precision sheet metal bending processing: machining includes lathe processing, drilling machine processing, milling machine processing, planer processing, boring machine processing, grinding machine processing, etc., and stamping processing is the work of stamping machine tool processing and hydraulic machine tool processing.
According to the stamping temperature, there are cold stamping and hot stamping. This depends on the strength, plasticity, thickness of the material, CNC precision sheet metal bending processing: deformation degree and equipment capacity, and the original heat treatment state and final use conditions of the material should be considered.
1.Hot stamping a stamping process in which metal is heated to a certain temperature range. It has the advantages of eliminating internal stress, avoiding work hardening, increasing material plasticity, reducing deformation resistance and reducing power consumption of equipment.
2.The processing of cold stamping metal at room temperature is generally suitable for blank with thickness less than 4mm. It has the advantages of no heating, no oxide skin, good surface quality, convenient operation and low cost
The disadvantage is that there is work hardening phenomenon, which makes the metal lose further deformation ability. Cold stamping requires uniform thickness of blank and small fluctuation range, smooth surface, no shift, no scratch, etc
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