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Case made of sheet metal
  • Case made of sheet metal

Case made of sheet metal

Brief description: sheet metal chassis is widely used: power box, video server, mixer, adapter, optical transceiver, router, power communication, Metro Engineering, medical equipment, public address system serial server. Such as multi port interface machine, controller case, size can be customized. Display products are custom-made products, no spot sale。


Sheet metal manufacturing chassis parameters:

 【Product model】:HF-G-2

 【Product name】:Case made of sheet metal

 【Product materials】:Sheet metal + aluminum plate / sheet metal + sheet metal / aluminum plate + aluminum plate / sheet metal + profile / aluminum plate + profile

 【Product specifications】:Customized in any size (display products are sold in stock)

 【Product color】:Can be customized according to customer requirements。

 【Product processing】:Can be processed according to customer requirements。

 【Surface treatment】:It can be used for powder spraying, oil spraying, spraying and anodizing。

Product details

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