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Analysis on the causes of abnormal grinding accuracy of CNC punching machine manufacturers Time:【2020-08-20】 Read together【1591】Second 【Printing】 【Return
In the production of grinding machine of CNC punch processing factory, the problem of machining accuracy is often encountered. The fault is hidden and difficult to diagnose. The reasons for this failure are as follows:
(1)The feed unit of the machine tool has changed or changed。
(2)The zero offset (zero offset) of each axis of the machine tool is abnormal。
(3)Abnormal axial reverse clearance (clearance)。
(4)Abnormal running state of motor, i.e. failure of electrical and control components。
(5)Mechanical failure, such as screw, bearing, coupling, etc. In addition, machining program programming, tool selection and human factors may also lead to abnormal machining accuracy。

Analysis on the causes of abnormal grinding accuracy of CNC punching machine manufacturers
The main functions, structure and composition of gantry grinder are as follows:
1。The whole grinder is arranged in a style, and the bed, column and beam constitute a rigid frame structure (double-layer structure of worktable). The structural design requirements ensure the accuracy and performance of the machine tool. It consists of gantry, lathe bed, grinding head oil supply transmission system, worktable drive lubrication system, cooling system, hydraulic control system and electrical system。
2。The feed system of the grinding head adopts high precision ball screw. Fire proof guide, high wear resistance。
3。Independent hydraulic station, stable operation and reliable performance. The cantilever button station is easy to operate, easy to operate, humanized and beautiful in appearance。
4。The grinding head with balance cylinder requires reasonable spindle (dynamic pressure) structure, high rigidity, high precision, large cutting amount and high efficiency。
5。Electrical components, PLC, inverter and other electrical control components imported brands. In addition, we can choose the simple CNC system developed by our company. With NC programming. It also has the functions of machine tool hydraulic alarm protection, overrun limit protection, feed drive fault protection, feed system overload protection and other safety operation protection functions. X / Y / Z axis needs automatic feed and stepless speed regulation. It can realize automatic cycle grinding and intermittent feed grinding。

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