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Stamping process and surface treatment of stamping parts Time:【2020-08-20】 Read together【1221】Second 【Printing】 【Return

Electroplating is a common appearance treatment technology in stamping parts manufacturing. Electroplating is the process of plating a layer of other metals or alloys on the surface of metal by electrolysis. The purpose of electroplating is to electroplate metal coating on the substrate to change the appearance performance or size of the substrate. Electroplating can improve the corrosion resistance of metals (most coating metals use corrosion-resistant metals), increase hardness, avoid wear, improve conductivity, heat resistance, heat resistance and beautiful appearance。

The stamping parts need to be sprayed with a layer of primer before electroplating, so that the electroplating effect is very good and the anti-corrosion time is longer. According to different coating data, it plays a different role in practical application, such as:

Gold plating: improve the impedance of conductive contact and improve signal transmission. Silver plating: improve the impedance of conductive contact and improve signal transmission. (silver function is the best, simple oxidation, after oxidation is also conductive) copper plating: bottom use, improve the adhesion and corrosion resistance of electroplating layer. (copper is simply oxidized, after oxidation, the copper green will no longer conduct electricity, so the copper plating products must do copper maintenance) nickel plating: bottom surface or appearance, improve corrosion resistance and wear resistance, (among them, chemical nickel is the wear resistance of modern technology, which can exceed chromium plating)。

Note that many electronic products, such as DIN head and N head, no longer use nickel bottom, mainly because nickel is magnetic, which will affect the electrical function of passive intermodulation) palladium nickel plating: improve conductive contact impedance, improve signal transmission, wear resistance is higher than gold. Tinned lead: improves soldering ability and is replaced by other alternatives (as most lead content has been converted to bright tin and fog tin)。

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