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What is precision sheet metal manufacturing Time:【2020-08-20】 Read together【1273】Second 【Printing】 【Return
What is precision sheet metal manufacturing? What do you know about precision sheet metal manufacturing? Next, the editor will give you a detailed description of this knowledge, hoping to help you。

Tube laser processing: compared with traditional processing methods, this method reduces working time and processing cost, and can be processed into free design, including complex shapes。

Fiber laser processing: equipped with a 5kW laser oscillator, it can process stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass and other non-ferrous metals which are difficult to be processed by traditional CO2 laser; with linear driver, it can be used for high-speed sheet metal。

Welding: TIG welding, MAG welding method, laser and arc welding, weldable 3D objects, from thin to thick (frame shell, base, square tube and round pipe)。

Optical fiber laser welding: through optical fiber laser welding, welding deformation can be lower than that of other welding methods; because a 1.5-meter mobile automobile system is installed on the machine, it can meet the welding needs from small to large, from multiple varieties, small batch production and mass production, so please rely on welding to weld the difficult materials。

Finishing / assembly: this process is carried out by the finish drawing and assembly departments; the finishing / drawing parts are processed and painted; the assembly department assembles machines, equipment or equipment and installs, tests and maintains them; wiring work, piping and piping construction can also be carried out. Precision sheet metal is widely used because of its excellent properties. The properties of metal materials can be generally divided into two categories: serviceability and processability. The so-called performance refers to the performance of metal materials under the condition of using mechanical parts, including mechanical properties, physical properties, chemical properties, etc

The service performance of metal materials determines the service range and service life of metal materials. The so-called machining performance refers to the adaptability of different processing methods in the process of precision sheet metal processing. The process characteristics of metal materials determine its adaptability to processing and forming in the manufacturing process. Due to different processing conditions, the required process properties are also different. The common technological characteristics of metal materials are castability, weldability, plasticity, machinability and heat treatment performance。

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