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Technological process of precision sheet metal processing Time:【2020-08-20】 Read together【1734】Second 【Printing】 【Return
Now the products are no longer ordinary products before ordinary processing, but different products are processed. The surface of processed products will be very delicate, which is the charm of processing. Precision sheet metal processing is now very popular. Sheet metal processing is the hub technology that sheet metal technical operators need to grasp, and it is also an important process of sheet metal product forming. Sheet metal processing includes traditional cutting, blanking, bending forming methods and process parameters, as well as various cold stamping die structure and other technical parameters, as well as the working principle and control method of various equipment, as well as new stamping technology and new technology. The following editor introduces the technological process of precision sheet metal processing。
1.The part drawing of sheet metal part (also called three view) is designed and drawn. Its function is to express the structure of sheet metal by drawing.
2.Draw an expansion diagram, which is to expand a complex part into a flat part。
3.There are many ways to cut。
4.Flanging tapping, also known as pumping hole, is to shoot a slightly larger hole into a smaller bottom hole, and then tap in the hole. This increases its strength and avoids sliding teeth。
5.Punch processing, the general punch processing has blanking angle, blanking, punch convex hull, punching tear, hole and other processing methods, in order to achieve the purpose of processing。
6.As far as our factory is concerned, the commonly used pressure rivets, pressure riveting nuts and pressure riveting screws are generally operated by punch or hydraulic riveting machine and riveted on sheet metal parts。
7.Bending refers to the folding of 2D plates into 3D parts. Its processing needs a folding machine and the corresponding bending die to complete the operation. It also has a certain bending sequence. The principle is that the next knife does not interfere with the first folding, and interference will occur after folding。
8.Welding is to weld multiple parts together to achieve the effect of processing or single piece edge weld at the same time, so as to improve its strength。
9Surface treatment, surface treatment generally includes phosphating film, electroplating polychromatic zinc, chromate, baking paint, oxidation, etc。

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