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Tips for stainless steel sheet metal processing Time:【2020-08-20】 Read together【1842】Second 【Printing】 【Return
What are the processing skills of stainless steel plate?

For stainless steel plate processing, in order to avoid the injury of rabbit crushing chips, the baffle should be removed from the equipment at the appropriate position。

When you need to use gauze to polish the appearance of the workpiece, you should move the tool to a safe position, be careful not to let hands and clothes touch the appearance of the workpiece. When grinding the inner hole, the gauze should not be supported by fingers. Stick should be used instead of gauze, not too fast。

Prevents placing objects, fixtures, or workpieces on the lathe bed and spindle gearbox. Pay attention to your homework. Obstruct tired operation, conversation operation, multi person operation, drink operation, smoking operation。

Adhere to the machine tools, goods, work in order, do a good job in the handover work. When cleaning the workplace after work, turn off the power and put the handle of the supervisor in a safe place. When machining irregular shaped workpieces, balance weights should be installed to try。

Balanced recovery

The tool holder should be reliable. The convex part of the tool head should not exceed 1.5 times of the height of the tool body. The shape and specification of the lower gasket should be the same as that of the tool body. The gasket should be as small and flat as possible。

In addition to the measuring tools which can be actively measured in operation, the lathe should place and move the toolholder to a safe position before measuring the workpiece. Strip chip and spiral strip in cutting process should be eliminated in time。

Before operation, wear work clothes, handcuffs and protective glasses. Female workers should have good working caps, long hair caps and gloves

The loading and unloading chuck on the lathe spindle needs to be stopped and the strength of the motor should not be used to remove the chuck. The chuck, dial and convex part of the clamping piece can be used to prevent the rabbit from hanging clothes and body。

Other parts of the body. Note that if you don't have a shield to walk between。

When clamping the workpiece with the top, it should be noted that the center of the point is completely consistent with the center hole of the spindle. Damaged or inclined needle tips should not be used in plate processing. Before use, the top and center holes should be wiped and the tailstock head should be firmly fastened. In order to ensure the operation safety and machining quality, the tool holder or central frame should be selected. Besides the planned machining part of the lathe, mobile protective cover and safety signs should be set

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