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What are the conditions of microcrack forming in NC precision sheet metal bending? Time:【2020-08-20】 Read together【1562】Second 【Printing】 【Return
Bending processing technology for our daily production has brought great help, but this product in the use process will also encounter many problems. When the bending temperature exceeds a certain level, microcracks will appear outside the product。
The main reason of elbow deformation and microcrack is that it has a certain relationship with the material of the elbow. Under similar forming conditions of low deformation rate and high tensile strength, the equipment is of this type. All bending work carried out under certain conditions may cause damage to the elbow microcracks。
The formation condition of the elbow microcracks is usually the direction of the main crack and stress. The elbow can be effectively perpendicular to the austenite grain boundary, so it is perpendicular to the tensile elbow. Pipe slag。
After bending the pipe net, the microcracks can be effectively crystallized by heat treatment, and the microcracks can be transformed into crystal crucibles. The bending tube is at room temperature, so the temperature is lower, and the bending strength and tensile strength can be obtained in the process of use. It will not be affected, but microcracks can cause significant changes in notch impact values。
Different bending angles and radii of elbows can be used to change the direction of pipes in the process of using, which can be effectively used in pipeline engineering. A big part of it。
The mechanical properties and defects of elbow in the use process will seriously affect the performance and application safety of the pipeline, so the pipeline, especially the bending processing technology will be very important。

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