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Division and operation of stainless steel sheet metal processing Time:【2020-08-20】 Read together【1081】Second 【Printing】 【Return
The division of labor and operation of stainless steel sheet metal processing need to be clearly defined before the operation of stainless steel plate processing。

1.Select blanking, after completion, enter the next process, according to the requirements of different stainless steel workpiece processing into the corresponding process;

2.When bending, the tool and groove used for bending must be determined according to the drawing size and the thickness of stainless steel material, so as to avoid deformation caused by the collision between products and tools. It is the key to select the upper die (different models of upper die can be used in the same product), and the selection of lower die depends on the thickness of the plate。

3.In stamping and riveting, the stud height should be considered to select the same die, then the pressure of the press should be adjusted to ensure that the surface of the bolt and workpiece is smooth, so that the bolts can not be pressed down or pressed out of the part surface, causing the workpiece to be scrapped. Welding includes argon arc welding, spot welding, carbon dioxide arc welding and manual arc welding. In order to ensure the accuracy of spot welding position in large-scale production of stainless steel sheet, the welding position of workpiece should be considered first and the positioning tool should be made。"-

4.In order to weld firmly, the protruding points on the workpiece can make the bulge contact with the plate evenly before welding, so as to ensure the consistency of heating at each point, and determine the welding position。

5.The surface treatment of stainless steel sheet metal workpieces should be carried out after bending, stamping and riveting. Different surface treatment methods are different. Generally, the surface of cold plate is electroplated after processing, and spraying treatment is not required after electroplating. Phosphating treatment is adopted and spraying treatment is required after phosphating treatment。

6.The stainless steel plate enters the spraying process after surface pretreatment. When the workpiece needs to be sprayed after assembly, the part that needs to protect the teeth or conductive holes can be checked into the soft glue stick or screw. If the conductive protection is needed, it should be pasted with high temperature adhesive tape。

7.After spraying, enter the assembly process. Before assembly, tear off the protective stickers used when spraying stainless steel to ensure that the threaded holes on the parts are not sprayed with paint or powder. During the whole process, wear gloves to avoid dust attached to the workpiece on hands, and some workpieces are blown clean。

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