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Development prospect of stainless steel cabinet manufacturing industry Time:【2020-08-20】 Read together【1189】Second 【Printing】 【Return
Generally, stainless steel case cabinet will not rust. However, stainless steel products may rust if they are not used or maintained properly, or if the environment of stainless steel products is too harsh. When we observe yellow or orange rust spots on the appearance of the steel, we can quickly recognize these as signs of corrosion. How to deal with rust on stainless steel products: 1、Please use the correct items: when cleaning the stainless steel cabinet, be careful and use non abrasive items. No soft cloth or plastic rag will damage the stainless steel surface. of course. You can also use stainless steel cleaning balls, but scrub them according to the manufacturer's grinding marks。 2、Cleaning along the grinding line: some stainless steel products have a grinding line or "texture" on the outside. If there is a grinding line, it will be scrubbed parallel to the grinding line. If the lines are not clear. Then be careful and scrub with a soft cloth or plastic pad。 3、Use alkaline, alkaline chloride or unbleached scrubbers: many traditional scrubbers contain bleach, and now the industry is offering more bleach free scrubbers. If they tell you that the detergent they use contains bleach, ask if they have other options. They may have a choice of bleached or frosted cream. Of course, chlorine containing detergents must also be prevented. Therefore, it is possible to form small pits or rust。
Technology prediction is the premise of technology decision. The technical decision of stainless steel cabinet manufacturer includes the choice of technical method, scheme and time. The concrete embodiment of technology decision is plan and plan. Technical decisions, plans and plans are based on scientific forecasts. The main technology prediction and decision-making of stainless steel cabinet manufacturers determine the fate of the enterprise itself and the whole industry, until it affects the economic development of people。
Technology forecasting is an institution for economic, military and social development. Technology prediction is widely needed and applied not only in the field of science and technology, but also in other fields. Appears in:
1、As a productive force, technology has a significant impact on the mode, quality and speed of economic growth. Therefore, economic development planning and economic reform planning are inseparable from technical forecasting。
2、Science and technology development plan based on technology forecast。
3、It provides the basis for scientific and technical talent needs, education and intellectual development programs。
4、It provides the basis for military and national defense construction plans。
5、Provide guidance for the development of various industries and enterprises。
Stainless steel cabinet has been developed for many years. There are more and more kinds of products, but one kind of cabinet is very popular, that is stainless steel cabinet. Stainless steel cabinets are classified by material and have many advantages, but it is important that their various characteristics determine their popularity

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