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Heat insulation work of stainless steel cabinet and cabinet body in stainless steel sheet metal processing Time:【2020-08-20】 Read together【1516】Second 【Printing】 【Return
In the process of stainless steel sheet metal processing, the bad environmental conditions should be considered in the process of storage, transportation and use. In addition to good mechanical properties, the paint should also have good water resistance, chemical resistance, high temperature resistance, light resistance and mold resistance。

Thermal insulation coatings are classified as functional coatings, which can be divided into heat insulation coatings, heat reflection coatings and thermal radiation coatings according to different heat insulation mechanisms。

1、Heat insulation coating for stainless steel sheet metal processing: the heat insulation mechanism of the heat insulation coating prevents heat transfer and uses low thermal conductivity to shield heat exchange. After the formation of the film, the film is full of holes, and the density of the dry film is very low. Its thermal conductivity is usually less than 0.06w/a. The film thickness is closely related. The representative paint is zs-211 reflective heat insulation coating with Zhisheng Weihua. The thermal conductivity is only 0.04w/and the coating can keep more than 90% heat without loss。
2、Heat radiation heat insulation coating for stainless steel sheet metal processing: the heat insulation mechanism of thermal radiation heat insulation coating is to radiate the heat absorbed by the object to the air with a certain wavelength through the radiation of wave, so as to reduce the temperature. The coating is applied directly to the surface of the object to be cooled. The radiation cooling coating can actively radiate the applied heat to the atmosphere with the infrared wavelength of 1-13.5 μ m, which reduces the internal and internal temperature of the object, and the cooling and cooling effects are significant。
3、Heat reflective heat insulation coating for stainless steel sheet metal processing: the heat insulation mechanism of reflective heat insulation cooling coating is that the visible light and near-infrared light in the sunlight are reflected to the external space through the reflection of the coating film, so that the sunlight can shine on the coating. Greater energy is reflected rather than absorbed by the coating. The thermal insulation function of the coating is only related to the reflectivity of the coating surface, and has nothing to do with the thickness of the coating. The representative types are zs-221 heat insulation coating and zs-222 heat reflection heat insulation coating, both of which can reach more than 90%, the temperature can be reduced by more than 15 ℃, and the metal appearance can reach 30 ℃ 。
In order to obtain good thermal insulation performance, the coating engineer plans to have the following functions after curing and forming a film: thermal radiation of the coating, thermal emissivity greater than 0.9; more than 90%; third, the thermal conductivity of the coating is low, and some hinder the thermal shielding. Fourthly, from the application point of view, the coating also has the characteristics of weather resistance, adhesion and economic satisfactory practical requirements。

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