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What methods should be taken to prevent rust in case cabinet sheet metal manufacturing? Time:【2020-08-20】 Read together【1614】Second 【Printing】 【Return
The steel cabinet is usually used in the field. The wild environment is chaotic and the seasons vary greatly. The stainless steel cabinet can accept different temperatures. Steel chassis machine stainless steel cabinet put into use, the internal equipment placed very much. The external temperature rise will also affect the equipment inside the cabinet. Therefore, before putting it into field use, what methods should we take for rust prevention of chassis and cabinet sheet metal manufacturing?
Yes, we can spray some heat-resistant coating on the stainless steel cabinet, which can reduce the body temperature. If there is space available in the box, an exhaust fan can be added inside so that the fan can be started automatically when the temperature reaches a certain value。
实In addition, it is suggested that there should be allowance for the connecting wires in the stainless steel cabinet of the steel chassis machine. Generally, due to different ambient temperatures, the wire carrying the flow has a much larger margin than in the room。
Of course, we need to select the temperature method of the steel cabinet according to different cabinets, and operate according to the above methods, which can at least reduce the damage of the steel cabinet。
It is understood that many users of chassis and cabinet sheet metal manufacturing do not pay attention to the following matters when installing stainless steel distribution box, which is easy to cause accidents. Let's see how it affects us。
The installation direction of the stainless steel distribution box must be protected from direct sunlight, splash and moisture, and there should be enough operation space in front of it。
In the process of use, it is necessary to clean the equipment in the cabinet regularly, check the wiring terminals, check whether the switch and contactor are protruding, and whether the interior is overheated. You should regularly check the sealing function of the stainless steel distribution box to prevent small animals from entering the indoor condensate. For areas with high humidity, tidal drives and dryers must be provided. Check that the equipment is solid and not tilted. Only in this way can the stainless steel distribution box work normally。
Case cabinet sheet metal manufacturing from the main raw materials processing. Stainless steel is a kind of high alloy steel, which can resist the corrosion of air or chemical corrosive medium. Stainless steel has beautiful appearance and good corrosion resistance. Instead of being treated by a surface treatment (e.g., color plating), the inherent appearance of stainless steel is used. One of the many types of steel is often referred to as stainless steel。

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