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Reasonable heat dissipation design of case cabinet sheet metal manufacturing Time:【2020-08-20】 Read together【1464】Second 【Printing】 【Return
Reasonable heat dissipation design is an important factor affecting the stability of computer. High temperature is the killer of electronic products. Too high temperature will lead to system instability and accelerate the aging of parts. With the continuous improvement of CPU clock speed, the wide use of high-speed hard disk, the frequent replacement of high-performance graphics card and the heat dissipation problem inside the chassis have attracted more and more attention。A useful heat dissipation method for cabinet sheet metal manufacturing is to select a dual program interactive cooling channel for most cases: the external low-temperature air is sucked into the casing by the air intake fan at the front of the cabinet, and reaches the CPU through the Nanqiao chip, various motherboards and chips. After passing through the CPU heat sink, some air is drawn from the exhaust fan at the rear of the chassis, and some air enters the power supply from the bottom or rear of the power supply。Remove the housing. The cabinet fan uses large air volume and standard low-speed fan of more than 80mm to prevent excessive noise and fully emit "green" heat。

Chassis cabinet sheet metal manufacturing to smoothly dissipate heat from high-speed hard disks, some manufacturers have chosen to add an air intake fan to the front of the three inch drive rack. It can not only increase the air in the chassis flow, but also directly cool the hard disk. Another novel processing idea is to move the traditional hard disk device down to make the hard disk contact with the chassis。This method not only enhances the heat dissipation capacity of the hard disk, but also allows fresh low-temperature air to enter the chassis to cool the hard disk first, thus greatly reducing the heat of the hard disk and prolonging the service life of the hard disk. Hard disk. In order to prevent disordered wiring in the chassis from affecting air circulation, other manufacturers have set the cable management clip in the appropriate direction to fix the data cable and power cable in the direction that does not affect the air duct. The case with these designs should be preferred when purchasing。

Case cabinet sheet metal manufacturing, elaborately designed double program interactive cooling channel can ensure that 90% of the heat in the cabinet arrives and dissipates in time. However, some chassis manufacturers have added fans to the sides and top of the chassis to "improve" the dual program interactive cooling channels, thus changing the air activity inside the chassis: after the air outside the chassis enters the chassis,Some fresh air fans do not arrive near the CPU according to the original route, but are directly extracted from the chassis due to the forced convection of the fan at the top of the chassis. It's a waste of some cold air. In addition, the plastic clad side panels selected by some manufacturers also have an adverse effect on the heat dissipation of the enclosure: since plastic is a poor thermal conductor, it will prevent heat from being transmitted and radiated。

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