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What are the processes of sheet metal NC stamping? Time:【2020-08-20】 Read together【1246】Second 【Printing】 【Return

Now in the process of sheet metal processing, CNC stamping is also a very popular processing technology in the process of sheet metal processing, including many manufacturing technologies

1.Advanced material processing technology。

 In the process of cutting, the first thing to do is to cut the plate. According to the shape and size of the parts, the cutting machine is used to cut the plate, and then the NC program is compiled into the processing link. After the clamp clamps the plate firmly, carry out the processing of parts. Pay attention to trimming the plate when cutting. The four edges should have good flatness. If the plate to be processed is a square with a length of 410 mm and a width of 400 mm, 18 square bars can be extruded on a large plate with a length of 2500 mm and a width of 1250 mm. The material utilization rate is below 9%。If the time for parts to be opened separately is 30 seconds, the total processing time is 9 minutes. In this process, a worker is required to place the cut-out plate at the edge of the punch for processing. The processing of a single workpiece requires 6 kinds of grinding tools and 93 times of stamping. In addition, it takes time to load and unload the workpiece. In total, it takes 1 minute to process the individual workpiece。

2.Cutting technology of stamping sleeve

In order to prevent the parts from falling off, the micro joints should be embedded in advance, so that the plate can maintain the overall state. The rectangular grinding tool of the punch can separate and separate each part. However, in order to prevent the parts from falling off, the micro joints should also be embedded in advance to maintain the overall state of the plate. "After clamping several times, there is a rectangular grinding tool in the middle of the part. Considering the specification of the grinding tool, that is, the clearance of the parts is 5mm, the material utilization rate is less than 94%。Seven kinds of molds must be used in this manufacturing process, and a set of rectangular grinding tools is used in the first process. In the production process of parts separation, the manufacturing times of die-casting rectangular abrasives are more than 2034, and it takes 12 minutes to complete the whole process. This kind of processing technology parts accuracy is relatively low, in the ring processing process, CNC lathe is easy to have coil material in the middle of the upper and lower turntable of the CNC lathe, there are hidden dangers in the process of processing, so it is most suitable to disconnect the parts under the vulgar conditions. Another reason is the micro connection between parts, so it is necessary to carry out burr grinding at the end of machining。

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